Agile Coaching

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Agile Coaching

The biggest problem we are having in any organization is customers tend to think and plan in terms of business needs, while the delivery team thinks and plans in terms of development needs. There is a huge gap between need and delivery. Center piecing and nurturing their development processes is essential for any sustainable organizational structures. Agile development has been transforming the gap between need and delivery in software development. It is not only a process or a framework, but it is a state of being, a philosophy, a thinking which imbibes the spirit of humanness, knowledge, self-improvement. Agile coaching has been guiding organizations to improve the values by adopting new lean and Agility practices for transformation. The approach towards adopting practices are:

Increase the performance of development teams by presenting different practices, and eliminating barriers for a wider acceptance.

Settling directions so that your customers attain strong business/IT alignment and high performing teams.

Agile Transformation

Our coaches have been guiding organizations, both in cultural and processes transformation. Cultural Transformation roadmap begins in leadership and team level, whereas process transformation guides the roadmap of effecting right framework and designing pilots accordingly.

Cultural Transformation

Leadership Transformation

Team Transformation

Transformation Enablement

Process Transformation

Transform the enterprise

Scaling practices

Pilot design

The adaptive approach to coaching guides both technical practices and workflow. The two halves effort together like rails on a way, whereas one half of the key requires reconsidering your workflow—the procedure used to get effort done. The other half needs a new method towards effective development. The origination plan will lead towards the full scope of the transition, which includes:

Scrum Project Plan: Building best practices and COE for the association

Training Plan: What rules must to be trained, what and when, the training is correct

Communication Plan: Change organizational communication strategy

Personnel Plan: Measuring and or hiring talent for organizational change

Facilities Plan: Determine where services are held, how to help distributed teams etc.

Metrics Plan: What metrics are essential to measure achievement, how regularly are they reported

Budget Plan: Budgeting from the start to the end of any development.


The primary guidelines that needs to be taken in consideration are:

Bringing Business Agility

Enterprise Transformation

Scrum Coaching and Training

Assessments and Adoption

Develop Agile Leaders to Deliver and Sustain Performance & Health

Understand & Strengthen Agile Workforce Dynamics

Eliminating Barriers for Wider Acceptance.

Agile transformation across any organization involves variations in practices and understanding at the different, management and departmental levels. After an original valuation, we can help you see a strong strategy and direction for change. Then our coaches monitor you being an integral part of the transformation process and help you achieve and define assessable goals for agility.

This development will give:

Better result in product quality

Improved team morale

Higher customer satisfaction

Customized team structures

Increased collaboration and ownership

Improved release predictability

More relevant metrics

Improved performance visibility

Increased development control

Reduced risk

Our coaches and mentors lead by example, they are hand-picked not only for their wide experience and ability in lean and Agile practices, but also for their capability of nurturing and transforming. We have proliferated and led Agile transformations in organizations extending from 10 to 10,000. This can also help in guiding teams to work in co-ordination over long-term difficult problems, reboot, and break done to the next level.

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